To succeed you must first have a real desire to progress. Do not always think in terms of money, think of an idea to develop. I want to share with you the five points to get material things and three things to enjoy their successes. The five points are important for material and economic goals are: FOCUS: clearly define what their main work activity and focus all their work performance in it. Who knows what he wants, is sure to make it.

After hearing their approach, define what your vision, or whatever it wants to achieve in one, five or 10 years, also define its mission, is their daily work to achieve its vision. Goals: To divide your focus on three types of goals, that success is made more powerful. 1 .- economic goals: they are material things and money you want to achieve clearly defined goals in many things and money you want to accomplish. 2 .- Physical Goals: We are having a strong body and healthy, exercising and eating natural products. 3 .- Social Goals: include goals that benefit their social environment starting with your family, your community, your city, your province and your country if possible. WORK: the shortest way to achieve their goals is the daily work that takes you straight to them. Start by making love with and have ensured the success, take 20% of his working time to important matters, producing 80% of results. TIME: It is the most powerful tool to achieve goals, and also the most difficult to achieve, is to use the time to always leave things right the first time, building and optimizing time to the maximum.

Persistence: the key to success, if you work with discipline and consistency, there is no obstacle that can not win, follow the rules and standards of work daily to turn in their personal habits. All the material wealth you can achieve, is meaningless if it develops a perfect balance between its three major forces, the physical, mental, and spiritual Physicist: cultivate a healthy body strong and vigorous through exercise and healthy eating. (Similarly see: camden treatment associates). The Mental acquire only knowledge related to your skills such references. Spiritual: Find the feelings and values that govern your life, so you have peace and quiet. If you can tune your material wealth and the physical, mental and spiritual, will reach the point of true success, it is useless to have a lot of money if you can not fully enjoy. I want all the things you observe and be assured a good way to start.

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