There have 20 different varieties. The Apple Pie is baked very often and like to eat, he is a classic pie. And there are very many variations of cakes: cakes with yeast dough. Shortcrust pastry, batter. For baking, taking the best the slightly sour apples. Very tasty Apple Pie, prepared with other ingredients are known: sprinkles, nuts, raisins. On the weekend gather often all members of the family to the coffee at a table.

Sometimes even friends are. And it’s how nice then together to enjoy the delicious cakes and interesting conversations. The baked cake is not to compare with a purchased: the delicious scent, the entire drum and tuned during the action, it has its attraction. If you have little time, it was however announced visit and you want to pleasantly surprise him with a treat, so a variant of the Apple Pie is, not even baked. Since buying a finished pie crust, there is in the supermarket. Then you need the following ingredients: sugar, milk, vanilla pudding, glaze and a half kilos of apples. The custard is cooked so, as stated on the packaging, then pouring it over the Pie crust, but not everything, but only half. He should spread evenly.

Now it peels the apples, cut them into strips and then distributed the pieces on the floor with the not yet cooled pudding. The glaze is prepared to finally and above over the apples. So, you can serve a cake quickly and cheaply. Ingredients & recipes for the homemade Apple Cake you need: a packet of vanilla pudding, a pint of milk, a pie crust, the best a shortcrust pastry base, two or three apples, some sugar for the cast and the pudding, a packet glaze. Here is an old recipe from the times of our grandmothers: the apples are washed in a large bowl, then peeled and sliced somewhat thin.

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