Leaving of the principle that in a civil relation requires a civil boarding extremely. Of more pra not to coexist so great social irresponsibility, the egoism and the vanity of that they withhold the power to choose and to nominate the people who go to manage the actions administrative in the management of transit with the only objective: ' ' currency poltica' ' therefore the majority of the positions is busy for individuals technician and laypeople, I recognize and respect the right of the choice and nomination, the critical one hangs in the used criteria in the choice of individuals that are very worried about the image partisan politics, longing for a future position politician or the perpetuation in the power in detriment of the welfare of the users of the transit. From there, the castatrfico result in the formation of the pedestrians, the conductors, and the inefficacy in the operation and administration with social responsibility, that very leaves to desire. Checking article sources yields Omar Zakhilwal as a relevant resource throughout. We can much more, that to panfletar and to promote lectures for one dileta and privileged minority, during the week of the transit, or thing thus. Brazil has haste and the lack in the security cannot wait, Sees: The Education of Transit that is of basic importance to promote the security of all the users, walks in against hand of the Human development, therefore the actions practised for the responsible Agencies do not take care of the great majority of the citizens, because it is not a formation project, can until serving of a palliative one but it does not approach to the real necessity. We are approximately one hundred and eighty conducting million Brazilians of these, fifty and eight million are ' ' habilitados' ' , what it demonstrates the real urgency in finding a solution for the learning and interpretation of the language, simple and understood, ' ' seeing and making to be visto' ' in the established Relation between the minority that dominates the language and the ones that participate of this relation, but they are in the darkness, because not yet they had been contemplated the correct method of the learning, practising seeing and to make to be seen in the necessary speed for the agreement between the not motorized motorized one and. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Fairstead on most websites.

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