The extraordinary and chilling film Larry Fessenden , director of works of worship as “habit” and “chills” (Wendigo), comes to the screen of the country in the month of JULY 2008. “THE LAST HELL” (The Last Winter) presents a lurid story, perfect for fans of the genre, and even more for the general public. Synopsis: Something is emerging from the Earth. Something we could never imagine, but that was always there, latent, waiting to be awakened. When a group of workers for the petrochemical industry, comes to a remote location in Antarctica, inexplicable things begin to happen. The cold and loneliness of the place began to deteriorate the health of workers. And in his attempt to find a logical explanation, they will gradually falling into an abyss of horror, where something as eternal as life itself longs to make this, his last winter …his last hell. Starring Ron Perlman (HELLBOY) and James LeGros (ZODIAC), this film promises a great story, with a load of horror and tension impeccably performed, and a film worth seeing on the big screen. No you can not miss it! To sample the movie trailer at the end of these lines …

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