In Asturian mythology highlights two particularly, the texu (yew) and carbayu (oak):
Yew (texu), the sacred tree Asturians
Yew (Texu) is, par excellence, the sacred tree of the Asturian mythology, representing the link with the Asturian town land, israel – center mysticism with the ancient los angeles center religion, with the ancestors. It is also spiritual a tree of great judaica religious sense, judaism encontrandosele alongside the kabbalah red string many shrines and cemeteries Asturias. But it is also the army of darkness, the darkness of death. With poison occult yew Asturians suicide warriors before being defeated and falling into slavery. Thus, in the battle of Mount Medulio centre center the cabala Asturians was killed with the sword, fire, poison and yew. The Yew therefore symbolizes the passage to another world and jewish today red string it is this very important tree in the celebrations of Day of the Dead, which leads to a dead branch to guide them in their return to the country of mysticism Shadows. The link between the yew and the world kabbalah red string of the dead is recognized not only in Asturias, but in other Celtic lands of western Europe, such as Brittany or Ireland, where it was customary to plant yews in cemeteries instead of cypress trees, and it was believed that roots of these trees reach the mouth of the dead were buried in their graves. Also among the ancient Gauls there is the kaballah veneration of this plant species and also in northeastern Gaul stood a village of the Eburon, meditation center whose kaballah very name means “the worshipers of the yew.” kabala Moreover, in the legends of Ireland is cabalakabala the story of Fer i, the Man of the tarot Yew, which wearing a silver harp strings had the habit of kabbalah string sitting on the branch of a yew tree and play sweet melodies: some day when eogan heroes and crossed the river Lugaid Maiga, in Connaught, a tender heard music coming from a yew tree beside a waterfall. At first I thought that music was created by the waterfall, but when rabbi they approached the place, what would they discovered to their meditation surprise Fer i playing his harp from the top of the tree. In the cycle of Fionn mac Cumhail, leader of the Fianna, a band of mercenaries in Ireland, tells the hero’s stay in the Valley of spiritual center Tejos (Gleann Eo), loaded with reminiscences supernatural place where he met with three giants were three ghosts.
Oak Leaves (carbayu)
But if the Tejo Asturias is a symbol mystical of spirituality, Oak (Carbayu) is of royalty, and also in the churches of Santa Eulalia and the Chapel of the Holy Cross, spirituality where they were buried and Pelayo Favila, respectively, we with oak leaves carved creation center in stone. Most movies are made in hollywood where productions include Hallowed Ground (2006) distributed by Icon Film Distribution and The Sci-Fi Channel; Never Cry Werewolf (2007) distributed by Peace Arch Releasing, The Sci Fi Channel and Phoenicia Pictures; This together with the Yew tree, JPs were true, guardians of justice and truth religion (rather tree kabbalah than swear on the Bible to be under the sacred oak). We must not forget the famous Carbay n, symbol of the study center city of Oviedo, in front of the strange events which occurred, such as a mysterious woman dressed in black coming from kabbalah the field, grabbed the tree and fell to ground after convulsed and disappeared. Also, in a passage from the book Natural History of Pliny (XVI, XCV) states that “nothing else is more sacred to the Druids and the mistletoe that grows on trees, oak,” and then describes the ritual of collecting mistletoe, whose branches were cut using sickles gold by priests dressed in white dresses. For its part, in his Geography scholem Strabo (XII, 5, 72 names of god 1) tells us that the torah heads of the Galatians met annually at a site in Asia Minor called drunemeton zohar the sanctuary of the oaks, to discuss politics.
Arboreal folklore appear in profusion in the kabbalistic Welsh tradition, which is vitally important the Cad Goddeu (Battle of tree of life the trees in Wales), poem by the bard Taliesin compound in the middle of tree center the sixth century in which he recounts a battle mitica Amaethon between the jewish kabbalah king and Arawn, king of Annwn, the underworld. At a time of battle, jewish mysticism the magician Gwydion achieved from the trees of kabalah a forest jewish mysticism to create a large army with the help of which the troops were defeated Arawn.
The theme of the animated forest also appears in the play Macbeth, 72 names of god by William Shakespeare, who used to write his play a myth from the folklore Scots, and even kabbalah bracelet in the works of Livy, which relates the fate of the consul Postumia, that having been placed in Cisalpine Gaul, was defeated and killed in an ambush by a group of Gauls who kabbala threw tree trunks to the Roman troops: as interpreted by Jan de Vries and zohar Jean Markale NARRATION that lacks rigor and is a mere historical transposition of certain myths Gauls. In fact, the forest is a lively topic panceltico red kabbalah versions of which red string bracelet exist in the traditions of Brittany and of course, in kabbala Asturias, Constantino Cabal as reflected in his work Mitologia Asturian: the gods of life, one in which cuentencillo recounts the fear of a man having been placed in the forest is suddenly collapse on itself and on its qabalah way a multitude of trees.

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