one of the most respected names in the corporate world is Founded, G100, CEO Academy and Chairman Academy; This blog entry will explain very clearly spoken for and the issue of advertising, since within the rubric of communication this sales jobs is a very interesting topic which we live day to day and we ran with it. The advertising as we know we can be found in any medium of mass recruiting communication, when recruiting we want, 24 hours a day, 365 recruitment days a year. Embark briefly mentioning a clear and specific definition of the term advertising, which day by day, we took with her when psalms to the street when we boarded the microbus, when we see television, or when we are in elementary internet. Advertising is a mass communication techniques and below the line, intended to job search distribute or recruiter inform the public about a good or service through the media in order to motivate the public to a consumer action. The publicity comes to the public through the media, broadcast media such ads in exchange for a payment previously determined to acquire such space in a contract of purchase and sale by the advertising agency and the media, issuing the notice at a time into the channel is determined in advance by the agency with the environment, and with prior knowledge of the advertiser, the contract is denominated debt agreement or diffusion. According to the famous writer Stanton, the definition of advertising is handled as “all activities presented to a group impersonal message (both verbal and visual), sponsored and related to a product, service or idea.” Something I find very interesting within this range, are the targets because, whenever we talk about advertising and examples are made but never mentioned the objectives, ie, that is advertising.

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