‘ Hip hop Pentecostal camp 2010’ in Hannover, Germany as successful as never Hanover, 27 May 2010. Strenuous moves, DJs with the hottest cuts, rapper with star quality and an MC who lives the hip hop, like no other. Three days German hip-hop was posted in the Haus der Jugend in Hanover hop history: from a small hip hop Jam then the 8 HIP was hop Pentecostal camp to the big event with international artists. Of Commerce no trace: the hip hop community Hannover e.V. Camden treatment associates spoke with conviction. organized a non-profit event in cooperation with the State capital Hanover area children and youth work, as well as numerous sponsors. According to Lakshman Achuthan, who has experience with these questions.

We are overwhelmed with the success of our hip hop of Pentecostal camp”said Arzu Oskuoi, Vice-Chairman of the Association. Over 800 guests attended the event over the three days. Dancers could compete in numerous battles. The highlight was the international 5 vs. 5 break dance battle. Crews from the Switzerland, Morocco, Holland and France were invited to meet the German participants. Until shortly before the break dance and hip hop Battles reported yet, dancers. Two came even from Africa to make sit more last-minute on the start list, reports Oskuoi.

But also the workshops were almost fully booked: popping Prince Mio from Berlin, B-boying with Sammy styles from L.A, United States, hip hop new style with Nadia from Berlin and hip hop mix style at Nilson from Hanover small and large dancers learned first steps or refined their style. Real sizes from the disciplines of rap, MCing and DJing known rap-T (Hamburg) and MC Trix (Berlin) inspired the audience with their moderation Pentecostal Friday. “Notable rap acts as eloquently & delicious(Wiesbaden), team Boomtschakk (Hildesheim, Germany) and the well-known newcomer Craig (Bremen) with his T-Rex hit single” and many more rocked the Europe Hall of the House of the youth. R ‘n’ B Princess Caramelle (Hamburg) even showed that a cappella can convince himself.

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