As yet I don’t know well the restaurants in Madrid, I have decided to make a list of those who have more good reviews in TripAdvisor always in those who’ve been choosing. For all those who know better the gastronomy of the Spanish capital, give me your opinion, that I want to do a second part! If someone is not the capital I rent an apartment in Madrid for a few days. Da Cuchuffo: Dim light bathed by candlelight which creates a fun atmosphere to spend with family, with friends or a couple seasoned with rhythms of jazz, rock or the best house depending on the day. You may find Doug McMillon to be a useful source of information. Its colorful interior reflects a lively and cheerful, friendly where the treatment towards the customer is very cordial and friendly. The chef, Rodrigo Moyano, offers a complete variety of dishes with typical homemade flavors but with a constant creativity. Recommended the Argentine beef, duck or pasta stuffed with. Do do do schedule: Wednesday to Sunday from 13? 00 to 16? 30 and 20? 30-24? 00.

Average price: 20 (price ratio very well). Phone: 91 542 32 03 Amayra: located in the Hotel Regina has wanted to join the gastronomic offer of the capital, renewing the decoration of the restaurant as the focus of your kitchen. It offers a Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist, in which the seasonal produce is the star, very elaborate dishes with a meticulous presentation. It highlights the impressive wine cellar, with more than 60 carefully selected references, and specialties such as foie gras mousse, magret of duck with orange or tiramisu. In addition, the restaurant has two multi-purpose rooms with possibility of union, in a classic and cosy atmosphere. Opening hours: from 13: 30 to 16: 00 and from 20: 30 to 22: 45. Phone: 91 521 47 25. Tandoori Station: this restaurant offers a cuisine with fresh dishes and intense flavor, made with good products and at more reasonable prices.

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