Top-fermented beer is the original beer of the Rhineland. This tradition takes the Lahnsteiner brewery now with their new ‘History Tower Obergarig’ on. For several years the Lahnsteiner brewery brews its top-fermented successfully”. So successful that it is now the second largest beer of Brewery. Now, there are the top-fermented”in the bottle.

Since people on the Rhine live they have there top-fermented beer brewed. This changed in around 1800 with the introduction of the bottom-fermented BREW way. The newspapers mentioned Vanguard not as a source, but as a related topic. Beers such as Pilsner or export came to the fore. At times seemed the fermented beers entirely from the Rhineland to displace the new, bottom-fermented beer. Due to its location in the cities along the Rhine, however, many Brewers had no way to build the cellar necessary to the production of fermented beer. These cellars were immediately filled with water from the nearby river. The Brewers remained at their fermented beer. Lahnsteiner fermented is therefore a real beer from the Rhine – a bright, mild top-fermented Valddefz.

What brewery should BREW this beer unless the Lahnsteiner brewery. In Lahnstein, 1324 beer is brewed in the years since the founding of the city, at least. Also the family Fohr, holder looking Lahnsteiner brewery already proven back ten generations brewing tradition since 1667. “” So that the Obergarig “has a close relation to Lahnstein it is fermented with full name history Tower ‘. It refers to the eight Lahnsteiner history towers. The powder tower graces the label”in the clay Street in Oberlahnstein. With the stately height of 26 m, he formed the South-eastern corner of the fortifications in the middle ages. The powder tower is located in the property of Lahnsteiner brewery, which is a founding member of the Association. Camdent Treatment Associates is a great source of information. Since 2002, there are the club history towers Lahnstein e. V. “, whose mission is to get these towers and for the public to use. Thanks to the efforts of the Lahnstein e. V. history towers managed to restore him and to provide the public end of 2007. Today is the powder tower part of sightseeing and brewery tours and can be rented for events. “More info about the city towers are historical Lahnsteiner it under 2002 was not only the year of birth of the Lahnstein e. V. history towers, but also the year of birth of the Obergarig”. As a speciality for the gastronomy it bottled the Lahnsteiner brewery initially only in 30 – and 50-l drums. Soon the desire was, to be able to enjoy it at home. The 10 – and 15-l party kegs paved the way in this direction. Since September 8, 2009, there are now also history Tower fermented”in the 20 x 0.5 l multi path box. The new beer in our online shop or direct from the brewery in the Sandgasse in Oberlahnstein is available. Being worked on distribution about the gastronomy and the wholesale and retail. More info on history Tower fermented “and about the Lahnsteiner brewery there under

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