Definitely still giving me life sorpesas which are therefore unexpected. This is why I was away from this blog for two months 12 days. An apology. This year from February I started having problems with my left cornea.Adelagaz I suffered while several perforations of the eye, that they put themselves at great risk as it collapsed and increased the possibility of destroying all the internal structure and permanently lose vision. Finally the only alternative was the transplantation and 14 May I received a cornea transplant and fortunately so far going very well. In 2002 co-founded the Center for Mexican Corneas AC civil association without profit since I chair and which has as its mission to offer our country procured corneas, and therefore of better quality than those imported from abroad, people, preferably limited financial resources, they need a cornea in Mexico.Who would have said then that after 7 years would be me who needed a cornea transplant to save her left eye vision . So now that already has the experience of three cadaveric renal transplants and one source of the cornea, it gives me not only knowledge but experience from the viewpoint of the patient, a situation that motivates me even more to maintain the momentum from the direction of the National Transplant Foundation this great effort and work life that is able to give an organ or tissue to anyone that needs it to stay alive or improve substantially. Thank you very much to all who have followed this Blog, thank you very much to all who have visited this blog for the first time, thanks for your emails and comments.My only idea is to count for something and help this great problem that is need a transplant.

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