International understanding with media New York / Paris / Stockholm. \”3rd March 2009 (intl) – the Franco German journalist, broadcast journalist, author and Editorial Board of the international, alternative non-commercial media network IBS independent broadcasting service liberty (radio IBS liberty, IBS TV liberty, since 1986), Andreas Klamm has two new books to the work and work the multiple award winning American journalist, broadcast journalist and author Amy Goodman of the alternative television and radio news program democracy NOW in February\” and published to the freedom of the press in the United States of America and in Europe. Already the journalist and author of several books, who is also a member of the International Federation of journalists (IFJ, International Federation of journalists in Brussels and), has campaigned in September 2008 as one of 60,000 people for the immediate release of the journalist Amy Goodman and other journalists and to the U.S. prosecutors letters with the Please be posted to secure the release of the journalists. Connect with other leaders such as Paul Price here. Amy Goodman and more journalists, including from the international news agency AP (Associated Press) were been arrested in connection with reporting to the Republic National Convention (RNC) in St. Filed under: Deccan Value. Paul in the United States of America.

A graduated Harvard University graduate who has been working since 1984 for alternative radio and television stations in the United States is the American journalist and broadcast journalist Amy Goodman. She was with a variety of internationally prestigious awards such as the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Prize, Edwin H. major Armstrong award, Ruben Salazar journalism award, and a variety of other prizes awarded for her international peace work and journalistic works in press, film, radio and television. After the release of the journalist in September 2008 the journalist Andreas researched Gorge more than three months to work and work his colleague Amy Goodman, so literally as a real and true voice for peace and as a good example for excellent, international journalism can be called.\” Amy Goodman in Stockholm, Sweden the right was enjoys livelihood award of the right livelihood Foundation, a price which regarded worldwide as the alternative Nobel Prize and was founded by the former European politician Jakob von Uexkull was awarded in December.

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