Using CMS to control the site through a special admin panel, change the functional and design. And with special extensions for CMS, can enrich the site according to your needs. Such engines hundreds now, so for example an article on the most popular CMS. In this article, I want to focus on simple, multi-functional CMS e107. In the engine there are two Russian support site, there are many plug-ins (extensions) and the Site clearance for working on this CMS.

Features of CMS e107 e107 is a matter of portal system, which is useful for creating large portal or a simple site. Like the vast majority of CMS, e107 is a set of sriptov written in the PHP programming language and interacting with MySQL. Indeed, thanks to its simplicity, e107 will fit for a small personal sites, and the broad features of the engine and additional plug-ins that allow make a major resource for thousands of visitors every day. Even after installing the engine, you can activate and configure some popular plug-ins included in the file archive engine. Among the plug-ins have their own forum e107, What can not boast of other engines.

It is convenient because You do not have to install a foreign forum CMS engine and integrate it with the engine site. Customers logging on to your site can chat on the forum without additional registrations on the forum. Installing CMS e107 engine is easy: 1. Upload files to the server engine, a hosting provider. 2. First necessary to create a database MySQL, a web hosting control panel. 3. Start your browser url address of the site / install.php and follow the instructions. When installing the engine would have to change the access rights to certain files e107, it needs to use a free FTP-client. The site has Russian support video tutorials, so that problems with installing and configuring the CMS e107 should arise. Proceed to the administration and content of a site you can immediately after the installation of the engine, as a user on the site as administrator (login name and password you specified when installing the e107).

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