Technology has opened in the last decade a wide range of possibilities for the digital reproduction of works of art.The term gicl e, of French origin which means spraying, spraying, encompasses all art reproductions made with developed inkjet printers on an artistic surface, usually a cotton canvas much like that used for oil painting. However, these views have not been until recently a quality that ensures the durability of the work and the preservation of color, contrast, brightness and luminosity. Today, gicl e prints with inkjet printers are made from 8 to 12 colors. Reproductions Fine Art Giclee or, as they are called, are used by renowned artists to perform long serial reproductions of his original works.Is this a way, speaking of authors with high fees, in order to offer the general public views very similar to the original at a much lower price. However, it is common to see issues such high prices, as well as presenting them as originals. Art fairs and even major painting competitions have been exposed and selected these reproductions as originals on canvas, which is a sham and a disservice to the art market. Similarly, due to its primeval character of “reproduction”, there is considerable debate in the art world about whether ART can consider these works. In my opinion, may be if two conditions are met: there is an artistic treatment of the photographic image (here we would enter in the field of digital art) and then there is also an artist’s intervention on the support.The image that accompanies these lines is a Giclee reproduction from a photograph of my personal archive of urban photography. Taken from the roof of Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid in the late afternoon, this photograph has been computer processing to resemble the brushstrokes of oil on canvas. Following the printing of high quality, made with the best available in the market, the image has been retouched with oil directly onto the fabric, as if it were an original, signed and then varnished. The result is excellent. It combines the precision and realism that gives us the photographic image with texture and finish of the oils on canvas. The book also goes Entel in a wooden frame identical to that used for original paintings. The fabric wraps around the frame and you can choose between black side or the continuity of the reason for the image, which allows to hang the picture without frame, with a modern stylish finish. These reproductions are available only from photographs Fernando Cobo and may be made in different sizes and formats.

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