Blaming third agents is an excellent excuse. But how to miss the opportunity to rant against the climate, the Government, the neighbor, the taxes, the Chief, the crisis, the spouse, parents, inflation, co-workers, children, social insurance, banks, television stations, politicians, drug trafficking, the insurance… Anything you can think of! All we have done it. And do you know why? Because it puts us in a very comfortable position to avoid Act and take responsibility for our life. Remember that in all our misfortune, we are comfortable! Wally Minto what wisdom there is in this sentence! If you you cannot decide to live self-motivated, will never be it, by more courses, books and therapies that you buy. Point.

These are an excellent help and support in the process, but its effect will be temporary. Living self-motivated is the first step towards a life with purpose. ES say, live aligned with your purpose of life. Interested start to discover what you do here and now? What the for your life? Your time on Earth is about and how to get there? What a task that you have now if you want to live aligned with your purpose of life! Today you have the opportunity to take a big step to discover what is your purpose of life, and this being something so important, I invite you to stop doing what you’re doing now in addition to reading this article. Spend a few minutes to you! Answer the questions one by one, and make sure you explore as much as you can the possible responses to each one of them. Only until you are done answering a question exhaustively, it moves to the next. Write on a blank sheet which you retain close to you the following question and answer:.What I like to do? Probably seems obvious, and you’ve already answered this question in the past.

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