Weight and happiness of women directly correlate with the stage at which its relations are with a partner. Slendex firm interviewed 3,000 women and found that there are five phases of weight changes depending on the relationship with her beloved. Romantic phase Dating and courtship usually leads to the fact that the woman sits on a strict diet and lost 3 kg. Then comes the second phase, when the relations gain stability, the woman relaxes, forgets about diet, throws the simulator and gaining kilogram-second. Click patrick mayberry to learn more. The third phase – a cruel blitz diet before the wedding. After that it starts to add weight, add up There are children, a woman stops for a track and gaining pounds per kilogram. This fourth phase. Twenty or thirty years for some there comes the fifth phase. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Reshma Kewalramani. When her husband goes to the young, slim and, of course, silly rival, deserted wife bethought him, decides that she needs to regain self-esteem and headlong rushes to a grueling diet and writes a fitness club.

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