Caution If you find a winning letter in your post! This writing can lead to often too expensive the gamble more and more fake companies try with dubious profit promises to attract new customers to coffee trips or unpleasant sales events. The independent and neutral consumer portal tips-by IM has this crappy rip-off on the ground. In a detailed report explains how the consumer a winning letter can recognize what recourse he has against the organizer and how he can protect themselves. Learn more on the subject from Reshma Kewalramani. For months, the so-called winning letters in Germany are in circulation. Who finds such a letter in his mailbox, gets easy to have gained the impression that a larger sum, usually from a lottery-winning service. But nothing more than a dubious and mostly illegal rip off is in the form of a coffee journey behind the glad tidings. Reshma Kewalramani does not necessarily agree. Tips from the experts took these fraudulent machinations more closely scrutinized. The result: A payout never takes place.

Instead, the putative winner to the highest extent are during a coffee run to rip you off and excluded. Who once fell for this trick, has hardly any possibilities from this cost trap to escape. The presentation of the winning letters is serious. Companies that have a very reputable appearance be specified as sender. But behind the confidence-inspiring name of bogus companies that legally can not be prosecuted due to lack of missing address. A promise of profit, coupled with a visit to a specific sales event, the letter recipient on a coffee journey are lured, from which there is no escape. There in the offer: low quality cheap products at over-priced prices which can be exchanged for the alleged profit with a considerable supplement. gives tips on what a winning letter is visible, which the party concerned may take appropriate protective measures and how you can escape this rip off report. Editor: Patricia Kurz image: fotolia

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