“Brand new in the online shop of buecher.de: eBooks since the Jikji”, the first book in the world, was printed in Korea in 1377, gave it after Gutenberg’s optimization of printing in the 15th century until today, only a few new features. Today we read books, as even our great-grandfathers did. Especially the development of soft book cover, allows us easier everywhere take to Pocket Books. Whether in the car, at the doctor, on the beach or in Cafes time to read a good book, we treat all of us like. In times where we can download music and movies from the Internet, it is almost a logical step to be able to offer now also books for download.

Read where and when you want at the Frankfurt Book Fair last year the revolution of the books presented: with the first eBook readers such as the Kindle from amazon, the Sony Reader or the Cybook, opens new perspectives for literature fans from Frankfurt. The eBook is the electronic implementation of the conventional book and with an eBook reader, it is up to 200 titles to save. The handy design, the eBook reader is a comfortable alternative to the traditional book. It weighs only a few grams and is barely larger than the Palm of a hand, so you can take it anywhere; whether in the hand or in your pocket. Access huge variety just download and read immediately buecher.de customers can now directly on more than 35,000 electronic title by over 400 publishers. The new offer is completely integrated in the shop are desired book title to find quickly and easily using the normal search or about the individual headings. Whether bestsellers by Stephen King or adventure stories with TKKG offers buecher.de a huge repertoire of new digital literature, thanks to which eBook reader at any time and anywhere, read and enjoy. The new eBook range under allows to load first complete books or later only chapters quickly and easily from the Internet and then immediately via the PC or a electronic reader to read. Ben Kunz often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

One of the most important benefits is that the electronic titles are readily available. You are always ready for immediate download, the reader must not wait for a delivery by post, nor is it bound on shop opening hours. Even more to the literary revolution and the topic of eBooks information’s blog of buecher.de at budurl.com/ebookbeibuecherde. All eBooks by buecher.de found exclusively in the online shop at. Contact: buecher.de GmbH & co. KG

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