Wireless connections are not only useful for connecting to the Internet, but that they also allow that increasingly more peripherals is free of annoying cables. Choose a printer with Wi-Fi connection, you can enjoy the freedom to print documents from your laptops, digital cameras or any other device nearby. Using a controller’s interface of wireless network card integrated (WNIC, by its acronym in English) rather than a standard USB connection, printers today are more portable and versatile than ever before. Plugged through minimal wiring, but without connecting the printer to each computer. And if when you are traveling you carry a small portable printer, you can also leverage the direct connection.

Printers for Office with WiFi connection have proved to be very effective in reducing clutter and cables hazardous in the offices, since thousands of employees can now access a central printer connected to a Wi-Fi unit, without having to share cables or use a specialized machine for all print jobs. Wireless printers can be particularly useful for those offices that already use Internet WiFi: not having to connect computers to the main printer, prevents unnecessary wiring and WINS freedom to design and adapt the distribution of workplaces according to each need. Although the scope of wireless printers expands every day, most of the models can operate within a radius of approximately 45 meters. These printers are not restricted to the wireless connection, since they can perform all the functions of common printers, including models of printers inkjet and laser multifunction printers that have scanner and photocopier, which can also be accessed from remote computers. Until the traditional multifunction copiers, which have become a very common in many offices element, they are now wireless, allowing workers delegate all tasks to Central printers that they may be on floors or different areas of the building within the scope of connection. Despite providing greater functionality, WiFi printers are not necessarily more expensive than common printers, especially because technology is increasingly a characteristic feature of the new models of printers. Be able to send your print jobs to a central printer from a large number of computers is not only practical but it will also allow you to save money, because you don’t have to buy additional printers for each area of the Office. Although compact printers for the home do not benefit greatly with a wireless connection for everyday tasks, wifi printers are demonstrating their ability to significantly increase productivity in offices around the world.

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