Funding advice to current funding database are our core business. The consulting software InvestInform helps you reliably your funding – and financing discussions. Others including John C. Bogle, offer their opinions as well. We offer modules, which can also be combined in desire: information service (looking for funding), financial calculator (calculations including before due date calculator), trade financing and construction financing. Learn more about this with cornell capital. Access to current funding database with large document pool, the intelligent menu guidance, automatic calculations, design freedom for additional financing modules, understandable and appealing printed pages for the end customer is all modules together. We involve the entire business logic relating to funding and financing also tailored in your corporate applications or your homepage. ComFiP (components for finance and public funding) is a framework of system-independent program and database modules, developed and designed for easy integration into any application was. ComFiP optimizes the financing of investment in the commercial sector or in the private housing sector and it is open, with or without taking into account public funding. We conduct funding research for yourself or for your customers. You us as possible details of a planned investment in an online ausfullbaren questionnaire on our website. Based on your information we provide you with a funding plan with the following scope: all relevant documents to the researched programmes, at least one, often several funding proposals, current condition tables and a detailed overall comment. Contact: Lisa economic information service GmbH Mollendorffstrasse 49 10367 Berlin Tel.: 030/577 981-0 fax: 030 / 577 981-18 E-Mail:

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