Tribute held at the National Congress of Brazil Roberto Marinho.
Roberto Marinho in 1967 signed a cooperation agreement between Globo and Time-Life group, which reported a profit close to balloon to more than 5 million dollars. Despite the agreement that he received strong criticism from other media such as Rede Tupi because they were foreign investors, the money received Marinho helped to establish a network of television stations nationwide, as well as purchase new equipment and improving programming.
The beginning of Rede Globo is located since 1969 when the Jornal Nacional, the first report of national scope, and continuing for the station as the leading informational hearing in the country. The first program was presented by Hilton Gomes and Cid Moreira, and marked the start of a broadcast of a report for all affiliates by a chain of Brazilian television. In 1971 he also began Jornal Hoje, and in 1973 the program of reports and documentaries Globo Reporter.
On April 21, 1971 came on the air “TV Globo Bras lia (Channel 10), airing the game between Vasco da Gama and Flamengo – live from Rio de Janeiro – and the” Som Livre Exporta o. The station is also expanding to Goiania, Anapolis, Cristalina, Luzi nia and other cities in the state of Goias. In 1972 the station was opened “TV Globo Recife.
In February 1972 Rede Globo do, like other radio stations in Brazil, released its first national colors, through all the Embratel Brazil. The television showed the inauguration of the “Festival of the Grape”, in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul On March 31 the same year, the day that officially launches the system of color television, Rede Globo issued special “My first dance was to become the first Brazilian recorded entirely in color.
In the decade of the 70 Rede Globo began to build what would be called “Patron Globe Quality”, which would mark a control in productions that were made since that time as well as the regulation of the hours that be issued the new programs. Globo began producing telenovelas in 1966, due to the success of the same to increase their own production and entertainment series. The adoption of this pattern led to the definition of the target he was looking for the string with each program or time segment determined, and caused a large increase in the hearing of the channel due to the crisis of its competitors, Rede Record and Rede Tupi. Continue to implement this pattern today.
Fantastic debut in 1973, a program of variety and entertainment that has become a leader in hearing every Sunday in Brazil, and would mark a line in the chain of low-cost programs and entertainment that reported data for a good hearing. In 1975 Rede Globo premiered its national programming, and from April 28, 1977 Rede Globo step airing in full color, which was exploited by the channel to renew its corporate image. Implement in 1982 the station for satellite transmission.
Currently, Rede Globo is still leading the audience in Brazil.

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You may remember that the cameras followed Osbournes 2002-05 for the MTV reality show The Osbournes. This time, the hosts of what looks like a mix of reality, game show, comedy and music television genres in the new Fox series Osbournes: Reloaded 9 pm Tuesday.
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DETROIT (AP) – Television ratings for the Final Four are up 7 percent from last year.
A featured dancer and choreographer on the FOX TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” was arrestedSaturday on suspicion of sexually assaulting four of his dance students, police said.
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You have said that much junk on television when it comes to cooking shows. How is your new show otherwise “If you look at most cooking shows, especially those that hit the screen between 4pm and 7pm, they all quiz-show nonsense: chef cook at blah blah. I can not even see because it is pure crap. Rhodes Across India, China and the Caribbean on UKTV Food are …

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