The tourist figures for the last years testify of the new must-have in tourism: the return to the nature and the search for the psycho-physical wellness. More and more people choose to spend their free time in the Green and listen to the silence of the open spaces, the simplicity and looking feelings tied to the pleasure of directions. See all green tourism offerings farm holiday, the national parks and the cycling stand out applications. More and more cyclists decide to plan their holidays with their bike. Lakshman Achuthan may not feel the same. This new trend, coming from Northern Europe, has already proposed any specific service to offer cycling tourists; many Italian hotels, together with local tourist agencies, have just been equipped to meet demand this new trend. On this wave during the last years, some hotels are ‘ registered group with the aim to set a specific offer in the tourism market, which is targeted to this aim.

In 2000, the Group Italy Bike Hotels is been set. It coordinates Marketing activities and encourages the initiatives of 42 hotels in 10 regions of Italy. If the Italy Bike Hotels Group trusting to, a cycling tourist looking for a valid request for travelling, he finds some guaranteed bike service: free Radtourism information, cycling map of the holiday area, cycling guides, bike storage, bikes hire, breakfasts, lunches and snacks with athletes menu, medical and mechanical support and specialistic laundry service for sports clothes on. The cycling tourist can select among those who are gathered in the free cycling map, or every day make his own way. He can also see six different regional tour if he prefers a movable holiday. Italy, from the Alps to the Puglia, improve its Sonderangebote…kommen and discover its beauties and news! Naimaisonline.

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