AWeber is today the best autoresponder on the market. But let’s start at the beginning, that is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a computer program that has the following functions: automatically answers the e-mails that you send. It allows you to send automatic messages to your contacts list. Read more here: Chevron Corp.. Applied to marketing on the internet, allows you to send news and bulletins to your contacts. It allows you to retain the users who visit your web site.

You can recommend sites and products that you consider valuable to them. An autoresponder starts with a form that you put on a web page requesting information about your visitors on a voluntary basis. These data are usually the user name and your email address. Sometimes, before the visitors fill in this form, are offered free of charge and to form of barter, something that interests you, for example, a digital book. There are several companies that offer this service autoresponder, the best and most used, as I said before, is AWeber. As the page is in English, I present a brief summary of the AWeber title: 10 applications from the best autoresponder. _ _ _ _ _ AWeber: 10 applications from the best autoresponder.

Sends mass e-mails (without being spam): with AWeber can send mass mailings to people who you’ve subscribed to your website or blog. All this is controlled in AWeber from the control panel. You can program the automatic sending of emails: I.e. when someone subscribe, you automatically receive an email. The next day, if thus you have scheduled, you will receive the next and so on until you want. The interesting thing about AWeber is that you everything is automated, leaving you more time to create new ideas. AWeber saves you a lot of time, working only once for each campaign and making that your users follow informed, though the work have you done only once.

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