AGENDA of launches new platform search a company can operate only then economically if decision-makers there are complete and reliable data about liquidity and financial position. Of course, companies for this task need professionals you can rely on. Check out KBS for additional information. While larger companies have mostly its own accounting department, small and medium-sized enterprises often rely on the services of external accounting offices. Currently, there are more than 50,000 independent accountant, offered its own accounting service in Germany. The competitive pressure is high. It is no longer sufficient to deliver only professional work. Camden treatment associates has many thoughts on the issue.

The modern accountant is also his own marketing manager, once has to sell itself and its services. The Internet is becoming increasingly important in as advertising medium. Who is there not enough present, underestimated the growing importance of this medium for the everyday. Against this background the Rosenheimer has “Accounting is more…” founded the software company AGENDA the initiative and this motto the free Selbstvermarktungs platform developed search, which may end went officially online. With the platform AGENDA would like to give a help hand accountants, which opens up new paths in acquiring clients. Financial and accounting professionals are today despite the crisis in demand such as eh and per. According to the new study 2009 looking for workplace survey entrepreneurs currently mainly professionals with specific skills.

Here is for registered accountants is the ability to create a detailed profile and personalize with a photo. In addition to specifying the contact address, qualifications, activities, education and training, and software knowledge can users download also certificates or certificates. What’s Special: The service is completely free of charge. Also, each user itself decides which its data for searching entrepreneurs should be visible. The new platform allows so every user to present himself, even if he has to date still not your own website on the Internet. Also lists the profiles for the search engine giant Google. Not only self-employed persons will benefit from the free service. Also accountants who are looking for a new challenge in permanent employment, accountants looking for provides the opportunity to imagine seeking company and to present themselves with their qualifications, knowledge of software or digital curriculum vitae. Under the motto “Accountants and found” can finally nationwide for accountants in your area are looking for entrepreneurs of all kinds. In addition to the regional search, also a request is possible to specific skills, such as language skills, training and computer literacy. Over 800 accountants in the directory have enlisted since the official launch of the page on the 28th of May. “We are very pleased that there is so much interest in our platform and wish you much success in all registered users Online client acquisition “, as Sebastian Theisen, marketing manager of the company AGENDA.

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