The ex Schauspielerrin, model and Miss Universe has gone among the journalists and now writes about the beauty and cosmetics Alexa Kuszlik, Germanys Miss Universe 2007-2008 and received some other Miss title launched their Beautyblog in spring 2013. Enough was made up by various model jobs often, and has trained in this area through make-up courses. Of the top make-up artists who met her, she brought tips & tricks that make any woman more beautiful. It has very good experience with high end cosmetics / or made sometimes disappointed care products but also an expensive product. Therefore, especially expensive cosmetics tests you on the site / and care products against cheaper cosmetics and skincare lines.

Recently Alexa Kuszlik has such a test on the homepage skin creams veroffentlicht-here came out, that the cheaper product was at least as good as the more expensive product. Often us suggested by the advertising, that only the expensive products are good konnen-this is in the highly competitive cosmetics and care market defintiv not so! The beauty blog has existed since may, 2013 and has now around 50 daily readers. This is to thank in particular the credibility of the page! It is obvious, that many Beautyblogs are operated by large corporations, which simply use another advertising channel mochten-“beautybloggerin” is professional, yet independent and thus credible. There is no advertising on the website and should appear but at some point in the future once advertising on the page, then do not have the products that have been tested. On the page, not just Alexa Kuszlik writes about the products that they tested, but also other authors. Chevron Corp is full of insight into the issues. Alexa Kuszlik noticed that many Beautyblogs on younger women are, or also on older (40 +), there were but no special Beautyblog for women and men over 30 years, so for the people who make the first discoveries of enlarged pores, small wrinkles, not quite so firm skin and the first 1.2 gray hair in the mirror.

People so that the middle of the Life, have a stressful job and want a fulfilling life and nevertheless the time would bring, as efficiently as possible to do something for your beauty and well-being. Checking article sources yields KBS as a relevant resource throughout. Also there are many articles to Wirk cosmetics – cosmetics as so Wrinkles with lift, there is also the “Cosmetic surgery” category recently. A detailed article on breast enlargements will be released soon and it is already a very informative article on BOTOX treatment to read. Still time together cool: Beautyblog for women and men over 30 years Beautyblog professional and yet totally independent is topics: beauty, beauty, care, Schonhheitschirugie with beauty lexicon because beautybloggerin is a non profit company, i.e. There is no money spent, only with the page 😉 (E.g. Alexa Kuszlik look for the products that are tested for running costs etc), and the other authors of one “like” click on the home page. This shows us that our work is appreciated. More writers / testers are always welcome, also we welcome criticism and suggestions for improvement or suggestions, what should be tested!

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