For your documents (5.Teil) unlimited security for your documents (5.Teil) security not reaching unlimited security, by building fences, one gains security by opening doors.” U.Kekkonen, Finn. Politicians the solution in IT: information rights management type it all people all documents, but you determine what who, how, when and that no matter where the document is located. 5. an attempt to explain all know the term container IRM differently. He is a very efficient transportation of goods, and is then called a cargo container. In IT, he is also a location for data and is then referred to as document or data container. What do these containers with IRM have to do? Simplified, you can say: is common to both, so freight as data containers), you can record that a limited amount of content (goods or documents) and offer a degree of protection of such content, if they are within the container.

But what happens when particular Protect value in the container should be introduced? It is then necessary, advanced protection measures? And what happens to this protection after leaving the container? We look at us in following these issues. First to protect of the contents of the container. For both types of containers, you need to get their content typically a permission (key or password). Represents first of all a basic protection, which concerns the security of the content. In addition, both containers offer a basic protection for the integrity of the content.

The cargo container before spraying water, light, and in some ways also protects against mechanical damage of the goods. “” The data container offers door-to-door there from also basics, like E.g. only read “or delete not allowed”. If more than this basic protection is required, so we must consider appropriate upgrades. When the cargo container could for example mean the container waterproof or shock / shock insensitive to make.

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