NO LOGO documentary written by journalist and activist Naomi Klein, 2 variables analyzed, the first part of the phenomenon of multinational and monopoly, analyzing the influence, evolution and the bombing of the marks in society and in contrast, analyzes the labor market and the assault on labor rights. Overall, the consumer is the rough diamond of largecompanies, they have the power to manage our ideas, although only a few have understood that marketing can play a more important role than that of presenting a product as something of quality. Before the manufacture of consumer goods was the main objective of the marks, now is replaced by a corporate image that is diversified in the media and whose identity or the intricate lives in our culture. It is futile to think we can escape from them, because we are advertising panels, we behave as trademarks, dressed as trademarks. The brands need to cover the world and be everywhere shines even the right to decide the consumer is quite invasive, even before one of its greatest enemies, zapping, has managed to blend intelevision content, so it is impossible to shun them at once magical and suffocating world of advertising. Words Identity Marketing Idea Sponsorship Brand Globalization

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