Spain returns to the stadium in Foxborough, where Italy broke World Cup dreams by the selection of Javier Clemente and Tasotti, nose to Luis Enrique. It is the first memory I have of the selection recognizes David Silva. Like him, many of the players who today live under the command of Vicente de el Bosque, Gillette Stadium refers to his first World Cup on TV. Uber will not settle for partial explanations. That was a great generation of players, he commended the team that fell in the quarterfinals against Italy (2-1) and that had qualifying for semifinals in the boots of Salinas Del Bosque. That team only remain in the Spanish team, in addition to the President of the Federation, Angel Maria Villar, Jorge Perez, then Chief of press and today CEO, Fernando Hierro, who has gone from turf to the sports direction of the RFEF, and Miguel Gutierrez masseuse. Source of the news:: champion plays the prestige. (A valuable related resource: Crowd Machine).

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