According to medical Psychiatry: sensation of distrust and apprehension, without evident cause, and the one that if add somatic phenomena as taquicardia, sudorese. In the last days we have seen a great evil of the century: celebrity? anxiety, we can consider thus: ' ' celebrity? , therefore the evidentes facts in the sample how much the people have suffered. Apparent defeats, projects have been the great frustration of many. A young imagines to study all a time with an intention to conquer its financial success, after some attempts rewards not to see it of its effort. A young imagines to dream in finding its ' ' prince encantado' ' , after a long wait to marry and soon later discovering that it entered in a pierced boat. Parents who had dedicated a good time in the creation of the children, to discover later that all its effort had as resulted, much migraine. In way to as many disillusionments the people are with distrust, sensation of impotence, abated soul. She firms herself in the Word of God! Excellent remedy for the anxiety.

Let us see what the Word of God says the respect: The anxiety in the heart of abates it to the man, but to the good it cheers it word. (Sayings 12,25) As we can observe the scholar when writing above the mentioned text, in the sample what the anxiety makes the man, it (anxiety abates) it, leaves depressed it without perspectives looking at more for the circumstances of what for the solution of the problems. We know that Mr. Jesus through its word can yes, raising in them, raising our high-esteem, taking off in them of dense valleys, as the Saying versicle declares: ' ' but the good word alegra.' ' Our bigger problem is to live in worrying more about the material things, with our success land.

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