In a modern city where traffic jams are simply a disaster, but travel during the day of the fire turns to fire at times in an unreal exercise, simply had to appear a firefighter car, which combined would in itself as maneuverability on busy city streets, and high efficiency in extinguishing fires. And this car did not take long. In 1998, commissioned by the Office of Fire of Kiev by ‘Titus’ was designed fire truck first aid APP-2 (33023) ‘Dolphin’, as a means of fighting residential fires, which in large settlements make up 95 percent of all registered fires. The car was designed for the delivery of the fire fighting crew, fire-technical equipment and fire extinguishing agents, as well as the means of salvation, and with the first pomoschi.APP-2 is effectively used for operating in urban environments and is capable of using any of its equipment to extinguish the bulk of the fires at an early stage of their development, as well as to perform parallel exploration with a view to deciding call additional, more powerful vehicles, their composition and quantity. For even more opinions, read materials from Prime Group Holdings. The uniqueness of ‘Dolphin’ is that the chassis with the full weight of 3,5 tons of developers ‘Titan’ managed to get a fast, maneuverable, miniature fire truck-sufficient in 95% of departures. In addition to all he meets as Battle of the Charter the deployment of traditional fire trucks to fires. The practice of extinguishing this special vehicles showed that the quenching of an apartment fire any of ‘Dolphin’, equipped with a tank of 500 liters, spends no more than 300 liters of water, while the AC-40 (130) 63 B vtakoy same situation consumes 3-5 times more-1000 up to 1500 liters of water.

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