AXIS Communications Company has introduced a new network camera surveillance AXIS 213, which automatically switches from day to night in the video and back, has 26 times optical zoom, the network transmits video in MPEG-4 up to 25 frames per second and a resolution of 768×576 pixels, rotated in two planes and operated with a conventional web-browser. Rotary mechanism 213 model can be rotated vertically by 100, and horizontally by 340, with up to 70 and 90 degrees per second, respectively. By reducing the light on the object of observation to 1 lux, 213 model automatically switches to black and white shooting mode, provide mobility cut-off filter and a built-in an infrared searchlight. Access to the camera AXIS Network via an integrated web-server that lets you view and manage video camera from any networked computer in windows standard web-browser. Setting the video quality by changing the resolution and compression, the video frame.

In addition, 213 model features such as white balance, exposure time of change and Compensation illumination. The maximum frame resolution with AXIS 213 is 768×576 pixels. With such characteristics AXIS 213 can be successfully used for day and night surveillance of moving objects, review surveillance at construction sites, in territories, resort hotels, holiday homes or in the cultural and historical centers of cities. For security surveillance camera should be retrofitted this separate module AXIS 213CM, equipped with analogue video output, connectors for two safety sensors, 3 external devices, and audio channel with two-way signal transmission. Built-in zoom AXIS 213 (auto focus lens) has a 26x optical and 12x digital increase.

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