The causes of biodiversity loss are contaminated water, overfishing, killer algae or even climate change. These frightening developments in nature are neither known nor aware most people. Marine mammals, such as whales and dolphins, seals and otters are on the red list of the world’s so-called”far above. The number of endangered species is not slow, the fish Gen database Foundation, based in Zwickau, and under the guidance of Alois Glienke, this issue has taken on. Global also known as living Earth project, they developed the unique project frozen Zoo”. “The project frozen Zoo” works, in which unfertilized eggs and seeds are taken from the marine mammals, to artificially fertilize them in the laboratory. The embryo can be frozen after the first cell division and used a mother animal if needed and worn out by this. World-wide and flexible to implement this project, the idea of a mobile laboratory was born.

The effort is undeniably great, therefore, the objectives of the Foundation are by Donations and grants funded. “The currently unique deposits m.o.s. euro plus I GmbH & Co.KG”, founded by Mr Thomas Otterbach and Mr Ludwig Mateka, foresees to cover all ideas and earnings power of the capital market together and a double-digit return per year. Frozen Zoo at the same time and in the project “invested and per 10,000 euro 100 euros to the Foundation deal with investment amount, to secure the conservation of marine mammals. Media contact: European mediacenter Stollberg EMC new media GmbH Auer str. 11 09366 Stollberg / Erzgebirge Tel: 037296-405-0 fax: 037296-405 63

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