It is often associated with a checking account checking account, the term used without Schufa information. In principle, this can be said that German banks generally check with opening a checking account the creditworthiness of the customer using a Schufa query. If a checking account without Schufa information, the speech is mostly checking accounts that are managed on a credit basis. Overdrafts, no matter how high, are not possible in such accounts. The search for a checking account without Schufa information is not easy. Unfortunately, there is as yet no legal obligation for banks to make every citizen a checking account available. So far, there are the savings banks that have no problem with that. However, it is still possible to open a checking account without Schufa information, ie a credit account, too. On the Internet, some banks offer checking accounts on a credit basis. These are mainly to direct banks to provide their services almost exclusively via the Internet. Anyone interested in such aDirect account with a bank decides, should advance the conditions of each provider compared. There are often substantial differences in terms of account management fees. It is also advantageous to provide that some of these banks into checking my credit interest rate. The above credit accounts are full accounts. The salary or wages received is just as possible as the direct debit or transfer of the operating costs such as rent, electricity, telephone. Only the credit facility was lacking. ) The application for a checking account without Schufa information (credit account can be done via the Internet. The legitimacy is required either through the dispatch of a certified copy of identity card to the appropriate bank or the post-identification procedures. Doing the banking business exclusively online.

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