This technique helps create an atmosphere of serenity, solemnity and a certain height, the lack of a ceiling, which is a natural continuation of the salon. Due to the mirror room ceiling is spacious, bright and lacking rigor. In addition, a mirrored ceiling has an important function, allowing the buyer to examine the goods on all sides. Mirrored ceilings – it's not only beautiful but also functional. Modern designs of cluster Geipel provide a simple and quick installation, which can be performed without suspending the sales process. Mirror Cluster ceilings have such advantages as strength, corrosion resistance and durability. Mirror panels are made of anodized aluminum that is polished to a perfect shine.

This material is designed to use in harsh and even extreme conditions and designed for long term use. Mirrored ceilings Geipel cluster has all the advantages of metal suspended ceiling: they are easy to use, not require careful maintenance, and provide a high level of fire protection that meets all current standards. Mirrored ceiling cassette – it's convenient, because in case of damage to the tape easily replaced. In addition, this design provides easy access to communications that may be located in the ceiling space. Finally, a mirrored ceiling in the showroom – it is prestigious. Expensive designed Salon surely convince the buyer that you deserve the trust and holds a high position in the market. In order to provide ventilation in the room and prevent the accumulation of dust lanes in the hidden the ceiling void, ceiling showroom you can decorate perforated mirror ceilings. To the same end SLR tapes can be combined with a mesh-style "shtrekmetall design" that will help create a unique ultra-modern style of the show. Choosing the mirrored ceilings Geipel, you choose the style, quality and prestige, which are important components of your business.

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