The demonstration has been transurrido without incident. Ask a rrendum to vote constitutional reform agreed by PSOE and PP. He has been read a manifesto in the plaza de Sant Jaume. In Madrid, the March has also passed without incident. Some 2,000 people, according to the conveners, and 1,200 according to the Guardia Urbana, demonstrated Sunday in the Centre of Barcelona and have gone to the delegation of the Government to protest against the reform of the Constitution and ordered to undergo rrendum.

Platform Agora, linked to the 15 M movement, to which other organizations and entities of neighborhood citizen have supported, as explained a spokesman for the outraged has summoned the concentration through Internet and social networking. Demonstrators have protested against the agreement reached between the PSOE and the PP for constitutional reform urgently and without further rrendum to introduce the requirement of budgetary stability in public administrations. The same sources have pointed out that the reform to carry out well-being directly attacks the State by an obligation that want to impose Germany and France, with which we do not agree. They have also criticized the fact that when ordering a constitutional reform always argues that it is a very complicated process and that now, when the Government wants it, you can do in a fortnight and without that citizens can say nothing, when finally, after all, the Constitution is the people, not politicians. During the March protesters have stopped in Sant Jaume square where has been read a manifesto criticizing the change of the constitutional text and all the labor reforms that the Government has recently approved. They have subsequently followed the protest by Via Layetana, which has been cut to traffic. Source of the news: some 2,000 people in the March against the constitutional reform in Barcelona

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