The cure and the relief of espritos that meet tormented are one practical one of assist very current in the half espiritualista. Diverse they are the religions and doctrines that carry through this work in the material plan and the plain spiritual. In the plain spiritual they are the socorristas (a classroom of espritos that are come back toward the support spiritual of that if they find lost in the umbralinas zones). Diverse they are the reasons that take a spirit to transit for these umbralinas zones, zones these that are true mental arrests of torts that we commit with us and against our fellow creature. In the Kardecismo the work of cure, awareness and doctrine is carried through in benefits of removed espritos of these umbralinas astral zones that we can also nominate as the limb so well described in the bible. Get more background information with materials from Crowd Machine. The zone Threshold is not nor ‘ ‘ Cu’ ‘ nor ‘ ‘ inferno’ ‘ , let us say there that it is the antechamber for both, or you ascend to the first degree of the light or go down to the first degree of the darknesses. In the threshold with aid of the socorristas espritos case you you have accepted to make a reform you summon you ascend energy, in case that the spirit desires to remain vibrating negative feelings as the hatred, this feeling anger each time more if accenting and the spirit anger becoming each denser time, speaking, and you fell for the first degree of the darknesses where its declining trajectory has beginning until arriving at the seventh negative degree where the spirit becomes it alive expression of its fall and its negativismo. The kardecismo deals with the cure of espritos only imprisoned in the umbralina vibratory band that still is ‘ ‘ meio’ ‘ therefore since Allan Kardec, developed all one practical doctrinaire based in evangelho for briefing, awareness and doctrine of the espritos imprisoned in this umbralina zone, so that after doutrinado, a mentor spiritual directs it a place where chagas (illnesses and wounds) opened in its perisprito can be cured of its..

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