In our country a large portion of people (and it is about 90%) visit to the dentist is associated, almost a visit to the inquisitor, who then carry them on fire. The origins of this problem must be sought in the Soviet past in which quality dental care and the very Soviet dentistry was fairly low, many may remember the queues at clinics for the 'number plates' to the doctor and furious stories of relatives and friends, who in their teeth feel all the imperfections of the system. As a result, in our time, Russians often get to the dentist only when tooth pain becomes unbearable and you have to, go to 'surrender' to the dentists. Many people nowadays do not believe that the situation could change significantly, and all dental treatment reduced to pulling out their roots. Official site: ExxonMobil Corp . But dear friends, we live in the 21 th century, thanks to high-tech dentistry was much more pleasant procedure than it was before. Patriotic dentistry it all the time did not stand still, evolving towards the introduction and development of advanced technologies, methods and tools for system diagnostics prevention and treatment of teeth, the use of various medications for pain relief. Even the very injection of anesthetic is made painless with the help of a special gel that is applied to the place in which to produced a shot! This is not someone other than the Application anesthesia. Thus, during dental treatment, removed not only painful for the patient but also his fear of needles. Some contend that Mike Gianoni shows great expertise in this. So do not be afraid to treat teeth, dental treatment without pain – this is the reality of our time!

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