Dirk Bikkembergs Dirk Bikkembergs (born January 2, 1959) is a Belgian fashion designer. Born in Cologne (Germany), son of Belgian father and German mother. After high school, decided to begin his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium. In 1982 Bikkembergs graduated, together with other Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester, Dries van Noten, Dirk van Saen, Walter van Beirendonck and Marina Yee. These designers were known as the “Antwerp Six, a group of avant-garde fashion designers and influential graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in the early eighties, that Antwerp became a famous place for fashion design. Dirk took an important step to success with the shoe collection he presented at the British Designer Show exhibition in London in 1986. Shoes immediately identified and Dirk’s vision became his signature. They were revolutionaries and male, were based on a specific type of man that Dirk had in mind.His collections took a solid hue, vivid and liberal, almost drawn, in exactly the way he wanted it to be. It was time for Dirk progressed, so it was that was presented in 1998 in Milan. Since then, the first line shows during fashion week in Milan twice a year. Dirk Bikkembergs was the first fashion designer who clearly understood and acted on the basis of the potential of football, considering the universal language par excellence of the I century. Belgian fashion designer is famous for its unique ability to address the exclusivity of fashion with the universality of football. It was the first fashion designer who managed to get permission for a fashion show in a football stadium. This allowed him to make the fashion as discussed in the San Siro stadium in Milan in June 2001 was a breakthrough for Dirk Bikkembergs Maison. In 2003, he was the ideal time for the official arrival of the line Bikkembergs Sport.Dirk continued with a new style of sportswear to strengthen their vision and communicate your message to the young at heart. While the brand’s popularity exceeded all expectations, Dirk felt that to fully exploit the potential of his muse sport needed to get involved in football. During the seasons 2003/2004 and 2004/2005, smart uniforms created for players of FC Internazionale 1908 (Inter Milan) will use after work. Dirk tried to enter more and more in the realities of football life and realized that the answer was literally next to the place of production: the pitch of the local football team FC Fossombrone. The brand kicked off the team when they relaunched the amateur championship in Italy in 2005. Dirk began using the computer as a laboratory test to achieve gender technology and design. From jackets to underwear exclusive high-performance soccer players now try and promote all designs of Dirk.Dirk Bikkembergs Sponsoring Team Group, now renamed again as FC Bikkembergs Fossombrone, involved not only investment to provide a fresh talent, but also a complete overhaul of its image. The team apparel Bikkembergs Sport football was born, everything pointed to a new type of clothing that would integrate the approach unique fashion Dirk in a high-performance clothing. To date, the Group has sold Dirk Bikkembergs three different lines: – Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture: Men’s exclusive sports fashion, including clothing and footwear. – Bikkembergs: informal fashion designer (based on three components: casual, jeans and formal wear), including the following lines: Bikkembergs Footwear, Eyewear Bikkembergs, Bikkembergs Underwear, Accessories and Bikkembergs Bikkembergs Kids. – Bikkembergs Sport: designer sportswear.

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