Jurgen Hardt: ‘Most important urban development project makes progress’ the Minister turned a personal image that the EUR 65 million, that’s going to the country, are an excellent set of the Doppersberg presence of Mayor Peter Jung, City Director Dr. Johannes Slawig, the Chairman of the Committee on economic, urban development and city marketing, Jurgen Hardt (CDU), and other representatives of the city. There has been discussion about the Doppersberg long enough. Together with the Mayor we have used us, that roll of the Doppersberg soon the first excavator. Despite all the problems we make it clear with this urban development project: Wuppertal can not get up. Learn more at this site: David Reeths. We tackle problems and solve them. It is good if we can get this tailwind from Dusseldorf.

That is clearly the case with the Doppersberg. Therefore we look forward to the visit of the Minister-President Jurgen Ruttgers this summer.” That Wuppertal elsewhere his Self-assertion will prove is, took the bus tour with the Minister by Wichlinghausen. Thus the Lord Mayor as host has made it clear that we need funds for the project of social city. For this we are committed as a CDU parliamentary group. “The approval decision, the Lienenkamper for the identical form conversion of floating stations District Court, handed Werther bridge and Volklinger Street in the Imperial carriage, proves that perseverance ultimately pays off, if it fights for the interests of Wuppertal”, as Simon.

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