They are every year tired, again a shock to get when they get their oil or service charge settlement? In times of climate change, global warming and dwindling raw materials energy is now nearly save become popular sports. Others who may share this opinion include Yaaov. A completely new ecological awareness has been established and gone are the days where it was ridiculed for a careful with our resources as a nerd or eco. Because the result of energy saving is reflected in the end quite real in her purse. What can they do now personally, to reduce their costs for electricity, water and heating? Basically, most manufacturers have the trend today to the energy save recognized, and spend lots of time in the development of new more economical technologies and devices. Most of these innovations such as solar – thermal collectors, low energy houses and more efficient working and kitchen appliances, however, require a greater financial investment, but usually after a few years for them to pay off.

Especially with the new construction or renovation can be in the long term massive energy and cost savings achieved. Energy losses can be reduced through poorly insulated Windows and walls to a minimum and the return to the use of renewable raw materials allow an independence from rising oil and electricity prices. In addition, the State sets still ample incentives through various funding, facilitate the transition to more efficient techniques for heating, electricity and water. Consult and use now to benefit in the long term benefits. Even for technical devices in the household, such as dishwashers and washing machines which were notorious for their immense consumption, a new purchase pays off quickly, because the new generation of appliances partially comes out with one-quarter the previous energy. The cost of the lighting throughout the home on a quarter lower alone a change from previously standard light bulbs to energy-saving bulbs.

This example should only clarify that save energy always in self-interest is, because in the long run not only the environment, but they benefit as consumers. Often, it is but just our own habits that cause many unnecessary costs. The running water when washing dishes, the lighting throughout the House or a fully turned on heating under an open window are only examples of how much we daily take energy and thus money the window”. With a few measures we all can contribute meaningfully to utilise resources and remain so in the long run for us and our children. Christian Jung

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