1 Incidence in 1996 the European Foundation for the improvement of the conditions of life and work interviewed a sample of 1000 workers representatives of the active population in each Member State of the European Union’s survey shows the following: health problems related to the mentioned work more frequently are: (30% of workers) stress (28% of workers) back pain muscle pain in arms and legs (17%) workers) work in poorly designed jobs favors that 45% of workers take awkward working positions. Work becomes increasingly intense and quickens his pace. 37% Of workers perform tasks short and repetitive. Official site: Fairstead affordable housing. Computing has become an important place in the work, 38% of workers are served from it. Only 32% of employees manifest have followed a training course offered by your company during the course of the twelve months preceding 1.2 – is there Discarding more complex causes as inflammatory and cancerous type and other diseases and direct traumatic causing an acute injury, the musculoskeletal are due to progressive overload of different anatomical structures that react with pain to the same. We indicated in a very summary form various parameters that each separately can represent a risk factor whose imbalance can cause the musculoskeletal. Organization: If the job is not well organized (shifts, hours) can be the cause of a greater both physical and mental fatigue of the worker with a greater stress state of the same.

Person: prior technical preparation, the individual characteristics as excessive overweight, previous-skeletal alterations and fostered activities (household chores) and the use of leisure (sedentarism, physical activity and/or sport disproportionate). The task or job: this is one of the aspects most important to take into account as a factor of occupational hazard, especially if they require to develop a strong force, dangerous positions and a prolonged repetition of gestures of the worker. Equipment: table, chairs, various tools and utensils, should adapt to the anthropometric characteristics of the worker. It also has to have aid suitable for handling loads wherever they are needed. The environment: both physical (heat, temperature, noise) as psychic (relationships with peers, above). Time: which is needed for carrying out the various tasks of the job. 3 As it is prevented as indicated above, the prevention of back and limb pain will be aimed at reducing to the extent that is possible of the risk factors analyzed. From the practical point of view, we recommend training through a program of muscle-SKELETAL school aimed at a self-assessment of risk with consequent training for its prevention.

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