(Online article) – which got actress Eva Longoria you really call a Catierkette that must luck. Many people are getting gifts from their friends, but rarely we are fortunate that a friend gives us also a Catierkette. This happiness has now happened to Eva Longoria. But the beautiful necklace no she got from her husband Tony Parker, the necklace she got from her boyfriend Mario Lopez. Mario Lopez? Yes, exactly. Website: the source for more info. With this good-looking young man, Eva danced already with dancing with the stars. Further details can be found at Jonah Bloom, an internet resource.

The two were seen at lunch at a Cafe in LA now. Marion presented a necklace made of gold that was hidden in a Catiertasche Eva. Eva was of course inspired by the small attention. Especially after a busy opening of their new restaurant. The restaurant has been the wonderful-sounding name of “Beso”, which means “Kiss” in Spanish. However, her husband Tony Parker was not present at the opening, instead were their counterparts of the desperate Houswives season. Charmed: Mario helped Eva, her necklace to attract what she seemed clearly pleased it crises may already in the fledgling marriage of Eva and Tony? We will know for sure.

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