co2online and schulerVZ help the own climate-AG / valuable prizes for the best projects and chances of winning at the next Energiesparmeister competition in Berlin at the reasons, September 21, 2010. “Now it’s up to the latest generation: the action of reasons your climate-AG” help co2online and combines students at the start of the own climate protection project. Until November 30, students can see as well as on the noble’s profile on schulerVZ ( energiesparmeister) submit their ideas and win valuable prizes. Flied students learn how to look the way from the initial idea to successful projects. In addition you will find journals by students who were recently still in the same situation: do something to want without knowing exactly how to look towards the climate-AG. The best example of a successful climate-AG is the Energiesparmeister winner 2010, co2online and the Federal Environment Ministry nominated every year: the AG of Friedrich by Bodelschwingh Gymnasium in Bielefeld had formed just three months before the competition starts.

The student initiated the first Bielefeld climate week with many events, as well as lectures and also impressed the jury with their strong public relations. We organize a contest in which already launched climate projects in schools will be awarded to annually with the Energiesparmeister”Steffi sour Ballesteros, Project Director at the non-profit co2online says GmbH, in conversation with the schools, we have found that many have not even started. “We therefore call on the students: shows us what’s in you, looks away from others and become a climate hero at your school..

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