German insurers bring their own deposit products attractive conditions on the market the necessity is the mother of invention in all imaginable situations. This is also the German insurance landscape demonstrate that seems to have sought and found this in the form of its own deposit products now also with zeal for alternative sources of income now quite remarkably. Because many consumers had shunned many well-known products as a result of the sometimes significant financial problems in the insurance industry and instead looked around for more lucrative models as investments. Reason is the desire to retain customers with life insurance after the expiry of permanently with other offers itself for the reorientation of the insurer as a provider of financial investments. Because in the face of significantly reduced profitability for many long-term insurance products after the end of the term, many policyholders forego a renewed investment over many years. For the insurance the experiment fine up seemingly at least currently.

For good reason, because keeping the new fixed-term deposit providers ready for investors in PSE in many cases offers that customers receive some even much better interest rates than the normal banks with own deposit offers. The banks fear the new competitors thus entitled, because an increasing number of typical bank customers now switches to the offers, which can be found on the insurance market. Many consumers but not yet to the new opportunities that can offer them through this kind of broadening know banks products cut often significantly worse off so far. Unfortunately, it must be said, in fact, because many investors make thus with more average yield prospects at the previous local bank fobbed off, rather than the new products work, which often go hand in hand with top interest rates. Also the framework can convince. So there is, such as the product of the AachenMunchener insurance the product named Park Depot\”where customers while receive a term a guaranteed interest rate over one year, but in parallel can still be cancelled monthly.

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