CONCLUSION For Nietzsche, the Christians are not, at moments some innocents or been deceptive, I oppose for it, they dissimulate that they believe that the life in the land is a preparation for eternity and play its largeness does not stop this but for another life. What it is strong now, later will be weak perpetual. Only its weakness can them of the one rewards divine they make use of this excuse to justify its covarda. Here it is the moral of the Christians, of the sick people who deny the life, where the bad one is cultuado and the good one, what it fortifies the pleasure, is renegado. The strong man does not see the man weak as enemy, but the opposite occurs. However, the impotence in reacting against the enemy, made the revenge to take roupagem of virtue that is silent, renounces, waits and sends to the revenge the God and to an imaginary kingdom, the Kingdom of Skies. This also is fruit of the instinct of autoconservao, auto-affirmation, is a sick attempt of exercise of being able.

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