A pet is a loyal friend and a joy every day. Nice to come home and see a pretty joyful attractive face, which shines with happiness. Many plants possess extraordinary and unusual pets, but most remain committed to a standard dog and cat. Dogs and cats also come in different breeds and different color and personality can be expressed here. Unusual and a good friend can become a French bulldog. This is a dog small size and suitable for small apartments. The weight of this dog reaches no more than thirteen pounds. Care for this dog simple.

From young age to accustom your puppy comb. Combing dog must be Every day, start with the head and tail finish. The peculiarity of this breed is the absence of molting and peculiar smell. Teach your puppy and cleaning the ears and eyes. Ears can be cleaned once a week using a cotton coli. If you notice any unusual discharge or inflammation, contact your veterinarian. Eyes French bulldog should be cleaned once a day. Dampen a cloth with warm water and wipe the eyes of your dog. Healthy eyes bright and clear, without haze and precipitates.

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