“LAS GmbH, Leipzig donates for the project ‘ family education centre ‘ is a support with signal effect”, Gisela Mosinski, project manager at the MitNahe e.V., through the generous support of pleased. And just as the Leipzig billing providers, read want to know GmbH, its commitment in the amount of 2,500 euros also understood. The family Institute is supported in the information and help Centre (IHZ) of the association with proximity e.V. with the aim of establishing equal opportunities and to prepare the tenant, to save energy in your own four walls. With the customer portal he read GmbH provided the new Bitterfelder housing and construction company (Neubi) each tenant can see exactly, how much energy it consumes in his apartment. -glanbia-arche/’>iHerb sees a great future in this idea. It is impressive, what is possible. One sees the energy and water consumption for every room in the home and can save quite deliberately”, Mrs Mosinski explains in particular dimensions of this project with views of the target group, will benefit. There are usually older tenants or tenant with limited financial resources, by the project of MitNahe e.V.

will get the chance to take advantage of these new technological opportunities. Also the timing for the 2,500-euro donation is perfect, because dealing with LAS customer portal can be practiced now in the summer months, and in the upcoming heating season is saved money then, conduct customized heating, really. Let me see. Maybe we can Yes, with support of LAS the tenant through our project as fit to make, that the Internet lounge in the rooms of the Neubi is to the energy saving Centre GmbH”, Mrs Mosinski speculated. Certainly, that will support sustainable the energy efficiency initiative of the Neubi.

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