Bavarian-Bohemian culture days in Weiden, Weiden i.d.OPf. (tvo). For 40 years they were far apart despite geographical proximity. However, after the fall of the iron curtain”Bavaria and Bohemia in the hand have taken it, to restore the old ties. Since 1990 the Bavarian Bohemian culture and economic days in the city help pastures each year, maintain the common cultural background, to get to know each other better and to establish contacts at economic level. In addition to the forest, especially the glass is a connecting element between the neighbors. Glass art exhibitions therefore traditionally be the prelude of the Bavarian Bohemian culture days of high artistic level with internationally renowned artists.

Two German and two Czech artists deny the central glass exhibition from February 28 to March 21 in the new town hall of pastures in the year 2010. For internationally outstanding art of glass create a platform places”the glass art, distributed in all pastures. Objects and jewelry from Glass will be presented also at the glass art-an evening on March 5 in downtown Weiden, a musical glass makers dinner organizers charge on March 3. The common roots of Czech Republic and Bavaria and their joint future perspectives are revealed in a variety of other events. Willow readings, theatrical performances and lectures, excursions to Bohemia and a cross-border service have been held under the auspices of the city and the vhs from 28 February to 27 March 2010. A historical political dimension receives the number during an evening of discussion with Prince Jiri Lobkowitz, the patron of the event series on March 25. A Bavarian-Bohemian pub night concludes on March 27. Information: Volkshochschule pastures/Neustadt, Sedanstrasse 13, 92637 Weiden, Tel 0961/48178-0, fax 0961/48178-55,,

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