There is a reality as a temple in the Networkmarketing and is this: the vast majority of the distributors of companies MLM that today are on the market, are employees self-employed and have never owned their own business or have had similar experience. This means that many of these people have no idea of what is marketing, nor of the promotion of a MLM business. Does not help the fact that many of the MLM companies teach these people the methodology classic hot list of contacts (circle of influence), and force them to persecute his friends and relatives, to see how many are hooked. Really do this requires no skills of marketing of any kind, and then the people fail, and wondered where I have failed?, and in many cases never will know. But there are ways to build a business in the right way. You have to define your target market, this market form it people who are already consuming what your sell or recommend, a phrase that defines this, and that my personally me love, it is this: not can sell a steak to a vegetarian, no matter what so amazing you look be it steak or, not can sell a product or offer a chance, so suddenly, someone not looking for this, by very incredible that may seem to you. One of the first basic rules of marketing is: sell products that people want to sell to people who want to buy them ask yourself now this yourself: do that I’ve been doing so far with my MLM business?, if you’re honest and sincere with yourself, you will notice account which is exactly what you’ve done so far.

It focuses your efforts and your marketing plan and promotion in other multilevel distributors, this group are already in other companies or persons who were already in one, or who buy items related to the world of the multilevel either courses or videos, and that denote an interest in this industry. But beware, although this group of people is our target market, don’t make the mistake that most commits, you should not make SPAM and send them an e-mail with your proposal if they have applied you it to them, here where enters the attraction marketing. You know that you need to offer your chance at your circle of trust so they are aware of the benefits that it can provide them, but this should be a complementary activity of your strategy, you should not focus your efforts on these people of your circle, that many of them do not understand that you are, let your results speak for you, why many has the mentality that until you see earn much moneythey won’t get into your business, and a mentality that is erroneous. Dedicated your primary efforts to contact other networkers because are people who are actively doing what your doing!.

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