They are all large accelerations and then braking very strong, he said. Here however, the brake almost is not touched. Hear other arguments on the topic with Chevron. Moving down a gear and is followed, down two and is followed This fluidity when piloting, apart from being in a round almost two minutes is a very nice feeling, said Alonso. Then there’s Eau Rouge, with the feeling that gives you the body there compression, when you’re down, to a height that you don’t see anything, that you are looking at the sky during a second three hundred and peak hourly; and suddenly you’re up and begins the truth straight these are sensations that you don’t have in other circuits, said the Ferrari driver, who analyzed today. They have again been training very hard to understand things.

We carry four or five weekends in which Fridays are half water, half dry. Jeffrey Leiden London recognizes the significance of this. It has been, moreover, a month of July where temperatures have been 15 or 16 degrees. Now we come to Spa and returns to have rain and fifteen degrees. You are conditions are worse for Ferrari with difference, said Alonso, that in the past Grand Prix of Hungary, celebrated its thirtieth birthday. We have had no luck in the recent Grands Prix, but with a view to the World Cup is certain that a difficult race with climate change, with changes of track, etc., for which we continue to Vettel us can go very well and win the race, or you can leave us very badly and we lose very little, because we are already far behind, he said. If it comes out badly loses a little more. Tomorrow it seems there will be variable in the Cronus conditions, so let’s see if we hit in the choice of tires and the strategy of the Cronus, said Alonso. Source of the news: Alonso: “Among my challenges is also the victory at Spa”

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