PKV Association expected 20 percent rise in introducing the practice fee a few years ago called in many patients discomfort out. Now the revision of the schedule of fees should provide also for dentists (GOZ) chagrin. From 2012, the dentists fees could rise according to estimates of the PKV Association by up to 20 percent as the private insurance Portal reports. A veritable explosion of costs in the field of dental care is not excluded. The Federal Ministry of health expects to increase the fees by about six percent. The Association of private health insurance estimates however drastic the situation and predicts that the invoices on the basis of the revised GOZ will be significantly higher. n most websites. With the new schedule of fees the goal to be, achieved according to Federal Government back a moderate settlement behavior”to make.

It is still billed under the point system, where each performance a score is assigned to. The more elaborate the The higher this value is treatment. In addition an increase factor that the dentist themselves can determine. The rule ranges to the 2,3-Fachen of the easy set. However, not only privately are affected by the increased costs, finally the rules relating to fees is also the basis for the settlement of dental care, which go beyond the standard security within the framework of the statutory health insurance. Wants a cash patient instead of a standard filling for example a resin, he will pay the difference out of his own pocket. More information: news.

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